Kit Fox Work in Progress Demo

Fox, Soft Pastel, 2007.
Kit Fox
Soft Pastel, 9x12, 2007

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Fox, Soft Pastel, 2006. For this piece, I'm using 9x12 La Carte paper. It has a very fine grit to it which makes it wonderful to work on. The texture is like very fine sandpaper, and this allows the pastel to adhere to the paper in multiple layers.

Here, I've started to block in the lights and dark values in this piece. The pastels applied so far are Rembrandt sticks.
Fox, Soft Pastel, 2007. At this step, I've completely covered the paper in pastel.

I've used a black charcoal stick for the background, giving it a very deep velvety texture. I also started defining the log.
Fox, Soft Pastel, 2007. I've begun to block in the entire back and tail of the fox's fur.
Fox, Soft Pastel, 2007.The final painting.

At this stage, I've used pastel pencils extensively to define the details of the face, ears, and fur.