Instructional Demo Gallery

These Works in Progress are provided for instructional purposes only, and remain the copyright of the artist. Please do not copy or distribute in any way.

Video Demos

This is a super high speed time lapse of a cheetah painting I completed in 2011. This is about 2 and a half hours compressed to 7 and a half minutes, starting with a blank panel and ending with the completion of the underpainting stage. In this stage, I paint very fast and loose, saving the details for later.
The final image can be seen here.

This is midway through a caracal painting. I've already completed the underpainting, and am adding fur.
The final image can be seen here.

This is midway through my pintail drake painting. I have completed the majority of the painting and am adding depth to the feathers.
The final image can be seen here.

Completed Progress Demos

Portrait of Gabrielle Cot Study, Oils on Gessobord, 11x14, 2009. Portrait of Lady Maxwell Study, Oil, 11x14, 2009. Fox, Soft Pastel, 2006.
Portrait of Mary Weithoff, Oil, 2009. Market Woman Study, Oils on Gessobord, 11x14, 2008. Diner, Oil, 9x12, 2008.
Monkey in Oils, Oils on Gessobord, 9x12, 2009. Hawk, Oil on Gessobord, 5x7, 2007. Dawn's Early Light, Soft Pastel on La Carte, 9x11, 2007.
Wise One, Soft Pastel, 2006. Snow Leopard, Oil, 2007. Indian Corn, Oil, 9x12, 2007.
Kit Fox, Oil version, Oil on Gessobord, 9x12, 2009. Spinning, Oil, 8x10, 2007. Reflections on Big Sur, Oils, 8x10, 2008.

Currently in Progress

Current projects are posted to my Studio Blog